Coffee Makers Are a Kitchen Necessity

Some things in life are considered a luxury while others are a necessity. Often, the difference between the two is a matter of opinion. Consider the coffee maker. There are many people in the world that could care less if they have one in their kitchen, they don’t like coffee and have no reason to own one. On the other hand, there are literally millions of people who have some type of coffeemaker and wouldn’t dream of not having one.

Coffee is the second most drank beverage in the world, coming in behind water. It is the first thing that many people reach for in the morning and the after-dinner drink for many others. In between those hours coffee is being served in businesses and restaurants around the world every minute. Coffee is more than a drink; it is a social connection that is shared in both business settings and friendly gatherings.

This popularity is what makes coffeemakers a necessity in the kitchen. Most people who don’t drink coffee will still have some type of coffee maker in order to serve their guests when they are visiting. True coffee lovers often have an entire counter set up in their kitchen for the sole purpose of creating their favorite hot beverage any time they feel the need.

The majority of homeowners have automatic drip makers with a variety of features such as timers and built-in grinders. These coffee makers are usually countertop models and require little more than coffee filters and fresh ground coffee to make the perfect cup of coffee. For coffee addicts who choose to go with higher-end models, there are automatic drip makers that have water filters built into the system or are plumbed to a water source.

The typical maker of days gone by is hard to find, today’s coffeemakers come in so many different types and have more feature than ever before. The consumer who is choosing their coffee maker will have to decide between automatic drip coffeemakers, coffee makers with espresso makers for cappuccinos and latt├ęs, French press coffee makers, percolators and the newly popular single serve makers that use pods and K-cups.

No matter which type of coffeemaker is selected to make java, one thing remains certain. There are more kitchens with coffeemakers than there are without one. It isn’t unusual to find a consumer walking the coffee aisle on an early morning looking for a coffeemaker after realizing that their machine has broken. The coffee lover is not going to go without their coffee, it is a must-have.

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