Use These Tips to Choose the Best Coffee Beans

By LakeCityCoffee

Average coffee drinkers will find it hard to decide which coffee beans to purchase at LakeCityCoffee. The market is filled with different brands and there are a lot of variables to consider. This is why it can come in handy to get some help when purchasing coffee beans. Check out some tips on how to shop for the best coffee beans.

Determine Your Personal Preference

Knowing what you personally like can go a long way when it comes to picking your coffee beans. There are beans that produce a slightly acidic and smooth taste. There are also beans with strong and bitter taste. However, the taste will also depend on the growing process as well as the treatment before it reaches the coffee roaster. All of these don’t guarantee that the final product is of the best quality. This means that if you don’t wish to become an expert, don’t worry about the bean type. Instead, just focus on determining the brand or roaster that offers beans that suit your needs.

Choose Coffee Beans According to Your Preferred Taste

There are coffee lovers who want a consistent delicious taste in their first cup but it takes some trial and error to get this. If you like your coffee to have a smooth taste with varying levels of acidity, opt for dry and light colored beans. Such beans get roasted for shorter period that results to brewed coffee without any trace of bitterness. If you t want your coffee to have a stronger taste, purchase coffee beans roasted for longer periods. Such beans have a dark and shiny appearance. These can produce a bitter and bold taste when brewed as more coffee oils reach the surface.

Know the Amount of Caffeine You Want in Your Cup

Not like what many people believe, there are lower caffeine levels in dark roasted coffee beans compared to those with medium or light roast. Light roasted beans in fact have the highest caffeine level out of these three. Beans used for espresso belong to the medium roast category. If you need a boost in your caffeine intake, you will be better off with medium or light roasted beans.

Check the Roast Date

Before you buy your beans, look for the roast date on the product label to know how many days passed since the coffee beans were roasted. If ever you don’t have a coffee grinder yet, you might want to consider getting one from LakeCityCoffee. Avoid ground coffee because you don’t know what kind of treatment process it has gone through.

Buy Beans from a Reliable Coffee Roaster

Getting your coffee beans from a trusted roaster like can guarantee you of consistent coffee roasting. It also improves your chances of receiving high quality beans. While not all beans can produce the exact taste you want, you can look forward to getting beans free from flaws.

Enjoy a decent cup of coffee every brew by shopping at LakeCityCoffee.